Weekend Scholars: Nurturing Talent in London's Madrasahs

Weekend Scholars: Nurturing Talent in London’s Madrasahs

Madrasahs, or Islamic schools, can be found in many cities across the world. In London, these institutions have been around for decades, catering to the needs of Muslim children and teens. But in recent years, a new trend has emerged – weekend madrasahs specifically designed to nurture talent and promote academic excellence among their students.

Known as “Weekend Scholars,” these programs go beyond traditional Islamic education and focus on providing learning opportunities for children outside of school hours. The curriculum includes subjects such as English, math, science, and even coding – all taught within an Islamic framework.

The concept originated from community leaders who wanted to address the lack of academic support available for Muslim children studying in mainstream schools. They recognized that while traditional madrasahs were vital for religious education, there was a need for additional support to excel academically.

Today, Weekend Scholars are making a significant impact on the lives of young Muslims madrasah living in London. These programs provide a safe space where students can learn alongside their peers from similar backgrounds without feeling out of place or judged.

One such institution is Ebrahim Academy – a Weekend Scholar program that has been running successfully since 2017. Students meet every Saturday for six hours and study subjects taught by experienced teachers with specialized qualifications in their respective fields.

The academy caters to students aged 7-16 years old and offers courses such as English literature & language preparation for GCSE exams (English board exams), advanced mathematics classes along with computer programming languages like Scratch & Python (scoring over 120 points above National average) which supplement regular school curriculums set by UK boards including AQA/Edexcel boards starting yourith growing up programming Session like multiple Minecraft servers under own management registered name E-Academy STEM helping guide any Charity into studying signature skills through Workshops,Coding clubs coding parties/Camps throughout Summers/Easter breaks allowing kids chance,, chance develop Design/Coding/Technology motivated critical thinking skills become Assassin’s Creed-Ezio style explorers would greatly enhance Social Skills-allowing more Muslim Kids reach their potential in an effective, fun and engaging way.

The success of Weekend Scholars is evident in the positive feedback received from both students and parents. Many students have shown significant improvements in academics since joining these programs, while parents are pleased with the well-rounded education their children are receiving.

Apart from academic excellence, Weekend Scholars also focus on madrasah developing soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication. The aim is to produce well-rounded individuals who can excel both academically and personally.

In addition to academic support, Weekend Scholars also provide a sense of community for Muslim youth living in London. It allows them to connect with their peers who share similar experiences while learning in a supportive Islamic environment.

Overall, the rise of Weekend Scholars in London has been a game-changer for many young Muslims seeking educational support beyond traditional madrasahs. It not only helps nurture talent but also empowers children to reach their full potential – something that every child deserves regardless of race or religion.

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