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The group is ordered to take part in the 2-day Idol Tokyo Festival. Because of the celebration, the group managed to handle themselves significantly better the following day. While spending the day together with her, Yuki tells Momo approximately her previous mentor, Navaho fujibayashi, who taught her to love Sasaki. Miu Takigawa sooner or later receives a letter about one thing known as the GI Venture. As the girls are ordered to participate in judging, Miu receives criticism from fellow member Nicole Saitō, who feels she is not taking things significantly. Later, Miu’s mom receives an invitation from the Wall. Dropped at the zoo, where she meets seven other women who had obtained the same letter, Aoi Goda, a representative of GI Productions, informs all of them that they are now all contributors of an idol institution who must take observe orders revealed out through an impenetrable wall.

With the other members hospitalized from meal poisoning, Jun is left as the one member left to take on 22/7’s busy schedule. Takei wished Orange to work on the mission from the start; regardless of trusting their abilities because of the workers’ previous experience with motion in the Rebuild of Evangelion films, Kyōgoku was initially worried about them dealing with the complete production as a result of low variety of employees members, how the studio expanded from 50 to a hundred workers members during the production. She recalls 5 years ago when she was in the hospital, attributable to her weak respiratory tract. During the party, Miyako recalls how she became an idol for searching for her father and assisting her mother and family.

Noticing the group struggling with emceeing in front of an enormous crowd, Miyako Kōno holds an okonomiyaki get-together to help the group bond. The Wall points out twenty orders at once, giving every one of the women each solo and group jobs while additionally assigning Reika Satō the chief. Following the judging, the Wall decides that Miu will be the group’s center, angering Nicole more. When a tool’s malfunction causes the stereo system to cease working, nonetheless, Miu takes it upon herself to play the piano backstage so that the concert can end. Because the concert will get underway, Anime Plush Miu’s nerves start to get higher after seeing her mother in the viewers. 22/7 are given their first concert at the entrance of 200 fans.

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