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People all around the world like watching thriller movies, and there are various reasons behind that. Thriller movies keep you on the edge of your seats and ensure that you get the entertainment you deserve. In the Tamil film industry, there are many thriller movies that you can watch to spend your time.

In this guide, you will learn about some Tamil movies 2022 that are thriller movies such as Maha and Ayngaran. You will learn more about these exciting Tamil thriller movies in the blog below.

Top Tamil Thriller Films

Two Tamil thriller movies that you can choose to watch are as follows:


This is one of the latest Tamil thriller movies that features STR, HansikaMotwani, SanamShetty, Sujith Shankar, Nanditha Jennifer and many more. UR Jameel directs the movie, and the story is about a psycho killer who kills the child daughter of an air hostess.

The story revolves around an air hostess, played by Hansika, who lives with her daughter Manavi after the death of his husband, Simbu. But a psycho killer kidnaps the girl child and murders her gruesomely. Kidnaps and deaths like that continue to happen. Soon, Hansika decides to take on the killer herself, and a cop named Srikanth, who investigates Srikanth, also helps her. Watch the movie to find out what happens next. 


This is another one of the latest Tamil movies 2022 is a thriller movie. Ayngaran is directed by Ravi Arasu and stars GV Prakash Kumar, MahimaNambiar, Sidhartha Shankar, KaaliVenkat and many more in important roles. You can consider it as an engaging commercial story that tries to provide a good message.

The story is about the life of Mathi, played by GV Prakash, a good mechanical engineer who creates several inventions to help the common man, but he is put down by the authorities at the patent office. Though he tries, again and again, he does not succeed. Later he comes across a poultry farm where growth hormones are applied to produce meat. Watch the movie to find out what happens next.

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