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It’s time for sun, beach, pool, Summer! Everyone is all looking forward to those days when they will be relaxed, on vacation. That is why here are a selection of basic advertising items that you cannot miss to surprise all your clients. Let’s go there!

Let’s start with the umbrellas, what would you do on the beach without an umbrella?

The umbrella is a fundamental element of the summer because it gives a shade for the fridge, the tables, for those who do not want sun. Umbrellas can be an advertising gift for your customers who will thank you.

What would you do on the beach without your inflatable mats and balls?

These are some summer basics that you cannot miss. What to say about the relaxation of being in the water on an inflatable mat and playing and listening to the water. That’s life! The inflatable balls to play in the water with your friends and family and have fun with them.

And for your mobile to be able to take it into the water there are different types of waterproof carriers, so you will be connected even giving you a good dip. This item is a good promotional gift for your customers and at an affordable price.

To cool off while sunbathing, you can use a vaporizer available in various colors.

So if you don’t feel like going to the water, you can lie down with the vaporizer and cool off and continue sunbathing. It is an original article and has a very easy use. It could be a fantastic company detail, although there are more merchandising products.

Next basic of summer, beach bags.

There are a large selection of beach bags that you can choose as a company gift for your clients and that you can personalize with your company logo or to your liking. It is an original article for customers that will give a good brand image.

Other basic items are sunglasses.

There are a lot of different models such as folding or not, that you can choose in different colors the temples and lenses. You need the glasses to protect yourselves from the sun’s rays, all of them have UV400 protection. They are the most used items in summer for day to day.

And of course you cannot leave the flip flops behind.

In summer you always go with them on for the beach, the pool, or wherever you go because you have very cool feet and they are comfortable. There are thick, thin soles with their covers, booties, and various models and colors to choose from. So flip flops are a summer staple that you can’t leave your clients without, it’s a nice touch for clients. Along with these beautiful gifts how to activate visa gift card is another thoughtful gift for those classy and choosy ones.

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